apprenticeship opportunity:

Being an apprentice is the quickest and best way to learn the ropes on set and understand the role of a director on a feature film. We have many feature films coming up in the next five years both with Third Brother Films and co-productions.

I know everyone cannot afford a film school degree nor do they have time to invest a few years of their life into a classroom experience. If you can go to film school, I highly suggest it, but even with a film degree at one of the best institutes in the world --- you will still be missing out on the hands-on experience of making an actual Hollywood film. 


The Position:

The position as an intern will involve working directly with the director on an actual film set. Filming locations depends on which film you apply for. We are shooting movies all over the world. Primarily, you will be shadowing the director on set and in the weeks leading up to set in pre-production. Depending on experience, there may be an opportunity to direct a scene or two with 2nd Unit of Photography. You will also be working somedays with the 1st or 2nd Assistant Director to shadow their positions or if the scene or workload requires the director to have some privacy or more focused attention.  


We need someone who is attentive to detail, willing to help out on set or the director in any way needed. A tremendous work ethic, zero complaining, and exuberant optimism is a bare minimum requirement. We work long days and odd hours, and this is especially applicable if you want to become a director yourself. Be prepared to work harder, and learn more than any other concentrated period in your life. Some set experience is preferred, but not required. Depending on set familiarity there may be some required readings before set. There will be multiple interviews.  

Submission Details:

Please Submit the Following to 

  • Reel of work with titles of positions worked on set.

  • Resume

  • Artistic Statement

  • Top 3 Favorite Films with at least a paragraph of reasoning for selection. 

  • 3 Letters of Recommendations with contact information.


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