Story is always key. Without a good story you truly don't have a film, or in our case, a film company. We were established in 2005 through friendship and storytelling.

SpenceTF Productions started in 2005 when Spencer and Nick made their first viral video "Golf Safety" instead of doing another boring poster for their 10th grade safety eductation class. After that, they continued making videos and web series together while Spencer starting getting into commercial and documentary work. 


The first feature film, "Fortified" Spencer made with some high school friends in the summer before their senior year. It premiered to a couple hundred fans at the Rowland Theatre before going off to college. Then the following summer the scope, size and ambition tripled with "Guilt & Sentence" it was a 14 location, 11 day, over 100 person cast and crew shoot that went non-stop on a microbudget. This time the premiere sold out the Rowland to over a thousand paying attendees, went on to make history as the 2nd ever digital drive-in projection in the USA, and then won two film festival awards at the Los Angeles Movie Awards for Best Screenwriting and Excellence in Filmmaking. 


Now SpenceTF has moved to Hollywood, CA and is beginning production on two feature films and a short film in the first year in the new home. Stay tuned.

Spencer T. Folmar

Director, Founder

Nicholas Coble


Jason Spanogle


Dax Spanogle

Writer, Actor

Jack Spanogle


Michael Hughes


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